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Course Description

This course focuses on the distributional dimensions of environmental degradation and environmental protection, as well as the movements that oppose injustice in environmental conditions. We will explore the social processes that generate synergistic race and class stratification, and how they influence how ecological, health, and other environmental costs impact different communities. Areas of focus will include the segregation of neighborhoods by class and race, the siting of hazardous facilities in communities of color, unequal protection for environmental health, climate injustice, and how each of these are analyzed through the lenses of critical environmental justice and racial capitalism. In short, we seek to understand why environmentally unequal and unjust conditions exist, how these are related to other forms of injustice, and how environmental concerns are often really socio-environmental concerns. In addition, this course will highlight how members of environmental justice movements stepped in to advocate for communities that had been ignored by mainstream environmentalism, and how these movements were inspired by and often the direct result of other struggles for social justice including a broad variety of civil rights.

Course Professor

Instructor: Dan Shtob
Email: daniel.shtob@brooklyn.cuny.edu

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Thursdays 12:15 – 1:15 in 3616 James or on Zoom (or by appointment). Please see your syllabus for the Zoom office hours link. 


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  • Tuesday and Thursday, 2:15pm – 3:30pm

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